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Cattini Oleopneumatica

Cattini Oleopneumatica

Cattini Oleopneumatica is an Italian manufacturer of air hydraulic jacks, market leader in the automotive, aviation, GSE and mining industry. Thanks to 40 years of experience, the company also produces customized equipment according to its customers’ needs.


Mammut M80-42

YAK 1815H-1820H

YAK 215N

The YAK line is a complete range of lifting equipment and includes jacks for cars, trucks and heavy vehicles, construction and agricultural equipment. Models suitable for car workshops and for service are available.

The MAMMUT line includes  extremely handy and powerful mining jacks, suitable for lifting in the mining and industrial fields, up to 200 t capacity.

The AVIO line features aviation jacks for many types of aircraft and landing gear, with capacities from 12.5 t up to 105 t, distinguished by extremely low weight.

Each jack is fully designed and manufactured at our ISO 9001 certified facility with the goal of outperforming the competition in terms of reliability, power and operational efficiency.

Particularly comprehensive is the YAK range, which covers the needs of both front and rear lifting of tractors and engines, including hydraulic jacks for cars and trucks, trolley jacks, pneumatic and air hydraulic jacks.

In addition to air hydraulic jacks for trucks (up to 80 t capacity) a range of  pit jacks is available, which can be customized according to customer needs.

Cattini hydraulic and trolley jacks are manufactured following the highest quality standards and offer great practicality and long life over time, the ideal solution for cars, vans, tractors and forklifts.

The YAK pneumatic jack is particularly light and noiseless and it is suitable for tire dealers and body shops as it can be used also on lifts. All Cattini pneumatic jacks are equipped with safety valve, to ensure reliability even in case of overloading.

The series of portable jacks for heavy vehicles includes universal light and very compact models, which can be easily transported on intervention vehicles without renouncing to a great lifting capacity, even for servicing fully loaded vehicles.

The lifting bags, available in a wide range of sizes and capacities, are very popular thanks to their versatility.

The range is rounded off by special models for earth-moving machinery, farm tractors and hydraulic forklifts.  Cattini axle stands also make it possible to operate safely underneath the lifted equipment in a very practical way.

MAMMUT mining jacks provide a safe and efficient lifting solution suited to servicing dump trucks and heavy equipment in the mining, industrial, port, military and construction industries.

MAMMUT stability pads enable operation in difficult conditions in quarries and mines. By spreading the load over a larger area, they prevent the ground from collapsing and allow easy and safe working on site.

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